Amazing!  Magical!  Unbelievable!  So talented!  Wow!  Delightful!  How can their fingers move that fast?  How can their brains read music that fast?!  All of these comments and so many more were overheard as the audience was leaving after a most wonderful afternoon of exceptional music.  We are grateful to Luke Acerra, Gareth Cordery and Robert Spurgeon for generously sharing their musical talents with us. We also thank all who contributed to the building preservation fund to make this program a complete success.

Luke Acerra, Robert Spurgeon and Gareth Cordery taking their bows during the well-deserved standing ovation.

Victorian Christmas Ornament Workshop

Gather your friends and join us for a great time on Saturday, December 6, 2014, from 2:00-4:00, as we make Victorian style Christmas ornaments.  Our historic church was built in 1898, so we are making ornaments that would have been popular around the turn of the century.  Some of the materials (all provided!) are from that era, others are lovely reproductions.  All proceeds go towards the preservation of our community treasure, Central Congregational Church building.  For reservations or further information, please call 309-343-5145.