January 6, 2015

I love the photo (see it here) that appeared on the front page of today’s Galesburg Register-Mail.  Yes, it is cold and yes, there is snow.  But what else do you see?  There is Central Congregational Church, standing boldly on “The Square” as it has for the past 113 years.  What I especially like in the photo is the way the rose windows are lit.  “Let your light so shine,” the Scriptures tell us. The photo is especially appropriate on this day, January 6, the day we call Epiphany.

The celebration of Epiphany has a complex and beautiful history, but includes the idea of “light”.  Advent is a time of darkness, the “light of the world” has not yet appeared.  At Christmas, the birth of Jesus, the Light appears.  On Epiphany, we learn that the Magi have seen “the Star” and followed it to find Jesus.  Let us, too, follow the Light and learn of God’s love and plan for us.  Come worship with us.  Even in the cold of winter, we’ll be warm and toasty inside.  There is plenty of love, and light, for everyone.

Epiphany 2015

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